Revolutionise your Employee Experience

Bento is a plug & play employee benefits & perks solution for SMEs and startups that boosts talent attraction, retention and employee happiness.

My Earnings
My Time
My Money
My Wellness
In My Control

Modern day employees are demanding more choice, personalisation and control when it comes to how they optimise their remuneration in ways that are more relevant to their desired needs.

The reality is that most startups and small businesses don’t have the time, available funds and know-how to supply these options that they know will keep their workforce happier.


I want work/life balance.
Can I work less hours?
Do you offer transport?
Do you contribute to my savings?


I really want to help my employees –
but don’t have the time, money
or headspace when trying
to grow a business!?!

Bento provides a platform that can matchmake employee needs with relevant solutions in the market.

Employers configure and set their remuneration offers and allow employees to self select and manage a flexible variety of options, straight from their mobile.

Bento is offering the innovation that employers sorely need at much lower cost and effort to the company.

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Bento is in the works as part of the AlphaCode Programme.

We would love to work with our future employees, partners and customers to co-create the customer centric solution that will make us all very happy.

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We want to provide the care, choice and delight of consuming your most precious resources
– time, money & wellbeing.